Conference 2021
14-17 December


This year, the PREPMUN 2021 Conference has been completely transformed to give aspiring delegates the best head-start into MUN. PREPMUN is no longer just another conference with lectures tacked on the front.

Instead, as a group, participants would engage in dialogue with each other facilitated by our student officers with over 300 conference experiences between them. 


Dialogue-based learning will start from the role of the state in international affairs, followed by case study analyses on the practice of international relations, leading up to the current system of foreign policy through international organisations such as the United Nations. 


Delegates will then receive feedback and practice translating their learning into being a better delegate within the simulation.


This 2-day retreat-styled workshop will be followed by a 2-day application of these concepts in a simplified modelling of a UN session. Participants will take on roles as delegates of specific states, and work together to arrive at resolutions on the issues while defending the interests of their assigned country.

Download our prospectus here!

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Conference Fees

As a non-profit organisation, we strive to set conference fees that allow us to cover the overhead costs of our organisation in a sustainable fashion, while endeavouring to keep barriers to entry low for all our participants.

School Delegations:
S$30 per delegate
Independent Delegates/Delegations: S$30 per delegate

Students who are under the MOE-FAS/MOE-ISB scheme will have their
conference fees waived completely

  • For School Delegations, please indicate MOE-FAS/MOE-ISB scheme status in the appropriate column in the Excel spreadsheet. 

  • For Independent Delegations, please indicate MOE-FAS/MOE-ISB scheme status in an email to admin@prepmun.sg with the relevant proof (Letter of Eligibility, etc.)