School Delegation Registrations

How to register?

  1. Download and complete the above Excel form

  2. Send the completed form to

  3. Prepare payment while awaiting our confirmation email

  4. Send payment via chosen method and reply the confirmation email with proof of payment

Registration closes 11 October 2021

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who can register for PREPMUN?

PREPMUN's focus this year is on beginner delegates. If you have never gone for a MUN before nor had previous training, but you're keen to learn, PREPMUN was planned for you! All beginners will go through workshops that teach the basics of international relations and skills of diplomacy. Beginner delegates who have gone to 2 MUN conferences or less are welcome. We regret to inform that delegates with more than 2 conference experiences are not allowed to register for the beginner committees. There is only one advanced council (~30 pax) that will function as a normal council and will be for delegates who have 3 or more prior MUN experience. Delegates wishing to apply for the advanced council have to register individually (not through their school). PREPMUN will select the best 30 delegates for the advanced council.

Why is PREPMUN this year putting so much focus on beginner delegates?

PREPMUN has always had the goal of making Model UN more accessible to students all over the country, and this year, PREPMUN is looking to take a step further in achieving this goal. By having a conference tailored towards beginners (15 beginner committees and only 1 advanced committee), we believe that this will allow us to reach out to more students from diverse backgrounds and share our love for Model UN with them!

Can I choose my council?

As delegates signing up with a school can only register for the beginner councils, and all the beginner councils will be discussing the same topic, there is no choice of council. Delegates from the same school will be spread out across the different councils for fairness.

What does ‘dialogue-based facilitation’ really mean?

It means that our chairs would ensure that their facilitation and teaching of the modules contain interactive elements. Essentially, we aim for the modules to be a two-way exchange, where the delegates would also offer their opinions, points of view and ideas to complement the content we have to teach them. This can be done through the constant posing of questions to delegates to encourage them to keep thinking about the module's content in order for them to answer the questions if posed to them, or case studies which delegates work on and present to each other.

When will the conference be held? How will the conference be conducted?

PREPMUN 2021 will be held from 14 to 17 December 2021 (Tuesday to Friday), tentatively from 9am to 6pm. The conference schedule will be released closer to the date of the conference (end-Oct). The conference will be virtual and would be held over teleconferencing software (likely to be Zoom).


What are the payment methods accepted?

The accepted payment methods are MOE IFAAS, Bank Transfer, and Paynow.

What is the deadline for payment?

Please make payment within 2 weeks from the date we acknowledge your registration. We understand if schools require more time due to the added complexity of the finance procedures. In such situations, please email as soon as possible. We regret to inform that registrations can only be confirmed once payment is received.

Can I swap delegates if they cannot make it?

Yes you may! However, please be informed that should there be insufficient time to amend our collateral orders (e.g. conference t-shirts), we cannot guarantee that the replacement delegate would receive the correct sizes.

What do I do after submitting the form?

There is no immediate action required of delegates or teachers upon submitting the form. An email will be sent to the head delegate and teacher-in-charge with payment instructions within 1 week of submitting the form.

If delegates are unable to make it for the entire conference due to unforeseen circumstances, can I request a refund?

PREPMUN follows a strict no-refund policy. Delegates who are unable to attend the conference are encouraged to find a replacement delegate. Please contact if this is the case and we will do our best to assist you.

Is there a limit to the number of students I can send?

No, there is no limit for the number of students a school can send in a delegation.


Are teachers allowed to observe the conference?

Certainly! Teachers play an integral role in supporting our delegates. We will send teachers a Zoom link to see their students in action. We will also be hosting teacher sessions during the conference for teachers to network and get to know each other and us better.

Are there age restrictions for delegates?

Delegates should be in Secondary 2 (14 years of age as of 1 January 2022) at minimum, or should be 21 years old at maximum (as of 1 January 2022).

What does registering as a delegate entitle me to?

Your registration fee allows you to participate in the both the workshop and conference portions of the PREPMUN 2021, as well as receive the 2021 delegate package, which will be sent right to your door if you are registering as an individual delegate, or to your respective schools if you are part of a school delegation.

Are there socials this year?

Owing to the evolving COVID-19 situation, we cannot confirm at this time. PREPMUN is currently exploring options to hold an in-person socials depending on government restrictions in December.


Are there any double-delegate committees?

PREPMUN 2021 will not feature any double-delegate committees this year.

How can I prepare/aid my students in preparing for the conference?

Encourage them to read the rules of procedure and study guides (to be released closer to the conference). We recommend teachers briefly introduce and discuss the topic with their students. They can then use the bibliography and recommended readings to find further material on the topic to familiarise themselves with the issue. All delegates also have to fill in a basic country infosheet (to be sent closer to the conference) before attending PREPMUN. Teachers should ensure their students all submit this promptly to their committee chairs.

Will there be Awards given out?

Beginner Councils For beginner councils, PREPMUN is doing away with your usual awards such as Best Delegate (BD), Outstanding Delegate (OD), and Honorable Mention (HM). This year, PREPMUN will feature categorical commendations for good performance in areas such as lobbying, speaking and content! We believe that awarding delegates who stood out in certain aspects of the committee will be of greater benefit than adhering to the usual awards given out. Advanced Council
For the advanced council, the standard awards will be applicable.