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Pre-Conference Training

Thank you for joining us for our Pre-Conference Training at St. Joseph's Institution (38 Malcolm Road, Singapore 308274) on 18 November 2023!

Our annual programme introduces delegates to Model UN and its different facets and procedures, while equipping all delegates with the skills necessary to succeed in future committee sessions.

Kindly access the materials used during our PCT session for PREPMUN 2023 below.

Should you have further enquiries about matters relating to PCT, kindly refer to our Frequently-Asked-Questions as shown below. For any specific enquiries, kindly reach out to our team at

We look forward to seeing you at our conference!

Access our PCT Materials for PREPMUN 2023 here!

  • What is Model UN?
    Model UN is a simulation of the UN. At these conferences, students will role-play as representatives of their countries, discuss international issues, and debate these problems and solutions in their respective committees. Simulation conferences have gained traction in Singapore, with new events such as the Model ASEAN and Model EU. Once a student is familiar with the basic features of a Model UN conference, he or she would be able to participate in other conferences in Singapore and around the world.
  • Why Model UN?
    Model UN is an effective platform for students to gain a greater awareness of global issues. It provides a platform for students to practise critical thinking and develop a personal voice. Through these conferences, we hope that students will begin to have a personal stake in the various issues that the world is faced with. Participation in Model UN is recognised by schools, universities, as well as scholarship boards as a beneficial co-curricular activity. Students who participated in PREPMUN have gone on to do extremely well in other conferences, and some have assumed leadership positions as heads of their current affairs, history, or Model UN clubs. These skills are anchored by the intrinsic benefits of participation: Knowledge and skills from Model UN can be incorporated into the school curriculum, including but not limited to the subjects of English, General Paper, History, Social Studies, and the Humanities; Students expand their networks when they interact with peers from other schools; Skills – oratorical, research, writing, negotiation, communication, as well as inter-disciplinary enrichment – will be developed; and There will also be a greater understanding of the UN and international issues, and more importantly how they influence socio-political affairs in Singapore.
  • What if the school has never participated in a Model UN before?
    PREPMUN is perfect for first-timers: both for schools and their students. Model UN conferences can seem intimidating, as participation has been limited to a small number of competitive schools. At PREPMUN, however, delegates are first sorted by their level of experience (i.e. if they have participated in a conference before). For students who do not have prior Model UN experience, they will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge during the Pre-Conference Training (PCT – see Academics Section below for more details) and on the first day in a constructive learning environment. This training programme run by the Student Officers sets them up well for the rest of the conference, and – more crucially – for future conferences.
  • How do we register and pay for the conference?
    For all delegation types and further details on our registration process, kindly refer to our registration form at Delegate Registrations for PREPMUN 2023 will officially close on 22th October 2022. Late registrations will only be entertained on a case-by-case basis. Full instructions for payment will be sent via email upon confirmation of registration. Do note that PREPMUN will not be offering any financial assistance schemes (FAS), nor will refunds be accepted after payment has been made. In the event a delegate is unable to attend the conference after payment has been made, they may get another delegate to substitute them. All delegate substitutions must be made by 04 November 2023.
  • What if the school has a mix of first-timers and experienced students?
    The four-day conference is designed for both first-timers and experienced delegates. First-timers will be allocated into Category A committees, where they will be equipped with the needed skills and knowledge before embarking on their Model UN journey. These skills will also be applicable for other simulation conferences and beyond. For students who have been to Model UN conferences, the rigour of the simulation exercise will be raised in their committees. This includes the complexity of issues discussed, as well as the dynamics of their committee. Depending on each student's level of experience and indication of preference, they will be placed in either intermediate Category B, advanced Category C or specialised Crisis committees.
  • Are teachers required to be present throughout the four days?
    It is not compulsory. We leave it to the schools and teachers to make their arrangements. We would – however – require a contact person to be present for the four days, so that we can reach a representative in the event of an emergency.
  • Why is there a registration fee?
    The registration fee covers basic conference expenses. This includes lunch for all conference days, closing dinner and conference materials (e.g. Placards, Delegate Lanyards). Early Bird Registration opens on 12th August 2022 and closes on 30th September 2022. This is immediately followed by our Regular Registration, which closes on 22th October 2022. Early Bird Registration will entitle delegates to a discounted registration fee at S$75 per delegate for school delegations as well as independent delegations of sizes five or more. This promotion will end on 30th September 2022. Thereafter, the registration fee will be priced at S$80 per delegate for school delegations as well as independent delegations of sizes five or more. For independent delegations with four or fewer delegates, it will be priced at S$80 and S$85 per delegate for Early Bird and Regular registration respectively.
  • Why are the registration fees for independent delegations with four or fewer delegates priced higher?
    Such pricing is justified by the additional administrative efforts required given the small delegation size. We strongly encourage independent delegates to register for the conference in a larger group.
  • How does the category system work?
    One of PREPMUN’s distinguishing features is its category system, consisting of three categories for delegates across varying levels of experience – Category A (Beginner), Category B (Intermediate), Category C (Advanced), and Crisis (Specialised). This system allows us to better tailor the training materials and council difficulty to each delegate’s experience and ability, as well as create a more inclusive learning environment. For PREPMUN 2023, delegates will be able to indicate their experience level and preferred category. The Academics Team will then allocate them into their categories and committees accordingly. Delegates who are attending PREPMUN 2023 as their first conference will automatically be pooled into Category A. For delegates who have had prior Model UN experience, they will be exposed to more challenging councils and committee dynamics that they will have to navigate. Topics will also require a much deeper understanding of the nuances and complexities of their underlying issues. Delegates that are interested in participating in the United Nations Security Council committee will require a double delegate. Delegates that are interested in our crisis councils may indicate their preference accordingly.
  • What is Crisis?
    Crisis councils usually simulate historical crises and are similar to role-playing games, where delegates adopt a government position as their portfolio and make decisions based on the powers and interests of that portfolio. Past editions of PREPMUN have featured unique joint crisis committees involving multiple competing cabinets that are specifically targeted at seasoned delegates. These committees will stretch delegates to their limits and are not recommended for first-timers or inexperienced MUN delegates.
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