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About Us

Our Mission

To build an open platform for a community of youths

equipped to navigate interconnected global issues


Our Vision

Equal access to simulation programs which enable youths to:

1. Manage conflicting points of view,

2. Build confidence in public speaking, and

3. Understand complexity in global issues.


Our Values




Independent and Active Learning


Our Story

In 2011, PREPMUN was created (then under the United Nations Association of Singapore (UNAS)) to solve a fundamental problem: the lack of access to learning opportunities. Across Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, the intense academic rigour and wide range of skills required meant that many students faced a high barrier to entry for sustained participation.

Since our inaugural conference, we have been welcoming students who are deeply passionate about current affairs to attend our 4-day conference in December every year. Here, we equip them not just with skills and knowledge necessary for getting started in MUNs, but also inspire them to meaningfully contribute back to society in their own unique ways.

In 2019, we parted ways with UNAS to be formally established as an independent non-profit entity. This gave us the freedom to do more for youths beyond our original scope. While we remain committed to our purpose of increasing accessibility to MUNs, we are also exploring several novel avenues to deliver fun, informative, and engaging learning opportunities on current affairs and 21st century skills outside of a traditional educational setting.

Join the PREPMUN family

We are always on the lookout for youths who resonate with our cause. Moreover, many of our plans currently in the works do not require prior MUN experience to join. We are seeking to build teams with diverse skill sets and backgrounds in design, community engagement, project management, training and more.


If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at to find out more!

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